Friday, May 25, 2018
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MILA, Your Pet and You


I have been using Mila in my veterinary practice for many of my patients. For example, I have treated several cats with diabetes whose blood sugar has stabilized merely by adding Mila to their diets.

I have seen dramatic improvement in many dogs and cats with hot spots, itchy skin and hair loss. Skin, coat and nails have become shinier and healthier. In addition, my patients with gastrointestinal symptoms, such as periodic vomiting and/or hyperactive bowel disease have been stabilized with Mila alone. At home, my golden retriever is having an easier time getting up and down the stairs than he did pre-Mila, and his nose has turned black again like it was when he was a puppy (don’t worry…this only happens in dogs). Even my toy poodle eats his Mila every day and is as clever as ever.

On the human side, my seventh grade daughter seems to have more focus and attention span and a much improved report card. My dad, a retired physician who suffered from hypertension, saw his blood pressure go from the mid to high 130s over 85-90 mm Hg on average to a normal 118-122 over 78-82 by using two scoops of Mila daily for the past three months. We are pleased to say that he is no longer a candidate for blood pressure medication and the accompanying side effects.

Mila is truly the healthiest whole raw food on the planet and my pets and family will continue to benefit from its life-giving properties.

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